Töltsd fel magad!

by , on
aug 4, 2020


Message to you,

awakening soul, who is on your way between the two worlds, I message you …



Fill up!

Consciously recharge yourself.


Dive, swim, bathe in the abundance of summer. Call the light of the sun, call the taste of the fruits, collect the color of the flowers. Charge your batteries with the caress of the summer breeze and the balmy air of summer evenings. Let the thousand-colored sunset enchant… completely…

And as the sunlight fills your soul with love… feel the lightness of the swaying summer dress as the wind sways softly and as you gently love your human skin… Feel your sole as you touch the ground, deepen, drill your foot into the ground… let the earth embrace, recharge.

Let it pass… give yourself to the freshness of summer waters. Feel the scent of water as you become one with the million fresh, heady aromas of summer. Let your eyes graze in the endless, vibrant, fresh summer green sea and let the blue of the summer sky captivate you. Immerse yourself, bathe in the joy of family and friends together… only naturally… freely… Allow it to charge, let it tune in to the frequency of Loving Summer.

The best time-space…
… That instead of being based on suffering ,
choose to be a source of passion .
This is what the new bread vase (August) is about, and this is what the next 6-week cycle of the sacred year is about. A period of living in abundance. A season of bathing in the abundance of life. The pleasure of life.
The season of living leaders… when life leads you to show your joys.
Can you live in abundance run or run away from it?
What is the state of your life-enjoying ability in you? Have you woken me up already? Do you know how to?
Do you feel it?
Do you know what your life-enjoying self is for?
Charge yourself consciously…
… Because there is nothing new under the sun…
With the coming of autumn, you will realize all this 🙂