Pain Body

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ápr 20, 2012

I feel a lot of words in me… and I don’t want to waste time. I see a lot of spaces in me. I recognized the suffering need, the pain body in myself. I have a clear wiev of the leader of my ego system that guided my life until now. I brought it with Me from previous lifes… the need to suffer… The need of suffering was about to heal… heal my karma. Karma… hmmm… Ma space, that I am.

I know, I see… that was the best I was able to creat… in that version of Me… The power of attraction. Unconscious creation. My ego system knew the need, and it worked hard to maintain it. The ‘spine’ of my actual human being: the suffering need. The pain body works like the following. The operational system spreads the need in every second into the space, pulls the situations, stories, places, people to make the play real, and when the pain appears I fall into it. The pain body collects all the pain particles in a warehouses – in the body, in the cells, in the aura…. for later use. And then when the next story happens the pain body gets the new pain in and use it to renew old ones from the warehouses and use them to make the situation much harder and maintain the situation. So as life-times are passing my soul’s space getting full of pain. I have big amounts in my legs, in my knees, in my back, in my neck  and in my shoulders. The bigest warehouse in the body is my pelvis. I carry all the pain the suffering from several lifes. Carry it in my body, feel it in my space around me. Cleaning process, that’s what I need… I work on the release of the preserved mud… physically from my legs, from my pelvis, shoulders, back…. Releasing from my space energticly… I’ve created them unconsciously… that’s a long story…


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